Relationship Counselling – Family Marriage Therapy

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Family Marriage Counselling and Couples Therapy

The relationship difficulties that bring clients to counseling, usually revolve around communication problems. Communication difficulties that are triggered by issues such as drifting apart because of the children leaving home or because of long work hours. Moreover, life transitions such as becoming parents, pregnancy difficulties, retirement or bereavement can impact hugely any relationship.
Couples come with the issues of repetitive disagreements, anger management, depression, sexual issues, and low self confidence. Clients also come when trying to deal with the consequences of the revelation of an affair, sense of betrayal and loss of trust.
These difficulties can improve in a counselling environment by having a skilled counsellor supportive and understanding. Counselling helps people to express their feelings and needs and to take on board some fresh perspectives, regain confidence and come through to a deeply caring and loving place. I have seen this happen many times over.


Individual or Couples Counselling? Shall I go on my own or with my partner?

Family, marriage, relationship counselling works for individuals as well as couples.You might want to come on your own if your partner is not comforable with counselling or if you have identified an unsatisfactory pattern in your personal relationships and want to make changes for future relationships.
Additionally, you may want to explore a relationship with a parent or sibling. Individual clients benefit from relationship counselling because they have the dedicated time to focus on their personal dilemmas, it helps understand their own strengths and weaknesses and to look at their own hopes and wishes and find ways to make them happen.
« There is love, of course. And then there’s life, its enemy. » ~ Jean Anouilh